Eileen Kimble has been writing, voicing and producing broadcast commercial ads for over 25 years. She has been all over your radio and television as the voice you never see. In addition to her expertise in Voice Coaching, Accent Reduction, writing, producing, engineering and interviewing, she is also very fluent in digital sound editing and has a background in both business and news reporting. 

Eileen is the President of Eileen Kimble Productions which provides Creative Services to a variety of clients.   Eileen successfully freelances in both National and local radio and Television Voice over. During her long and varied career she’s held positions in programming and creative services for just about every popular music format in radio.

You’ve heard her on video screens in various W.H. Smith Bookstores, in Airports all over the country. She’s been the voice you heard while shopping in grocery stores, interrupting your private thoughts as she suggests products on aisle seven. Eileen has recorded for companies like Coke, Home Depot, Ford, AT&T, CNN, The Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies as well as various CD-ROM projects, Games, Interactive Websites Telephone prompts, Kiosks and Voice mail Systems. She has been up and down the Atlanta radio dial. When you weren’t changing the channel when one of her commercials came on, you might have heard her as the DJ on air, at 96Rock, Star94, FOX97, Z93 and DAVEFM.

Eileen now specializes in directing talent and creating effective and entertaining Voice Demos.  Eileen is a highly sought after voice coach and is one of the most qualified and popular instructors in Atlanta. 

“It’s always so rewarding to begin another seminar.  There’s so much to share and I look forward to every chaos, I mean, class”

Eileen lives with the cutest puppy in the whole world, in Decatur Georgia, tending the most beautiful garden she calls her backyard.

Eileen also conducts Vocal skills workshops that include some all important Team Building exercises. She loves to help people feel more comfortable and less self conscious while improving verbal skills.
We can all benefit from learning how to communicate creatively and it all starts with the voice.
As a singer songwriter and musician she can currently be heard on the latest Chris Edmonds forget me not CD.

She also teaches Broadcasting for the Atlanta Campus of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting (and sometimes actually enjoys referring to herself in the third person.)